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        Online investment terms

        1.Authorized vendor conditions

        1.1 There is a B store that operates independently, and the store dynamic score is not less than 4.8 points;

        1.2 Shop Main Category: Electronics, Stationery

        1.3 With network retail operation capabilities, network marketing management capabilities, B2C warehousing and distribution capabilities, one-to-one customer service capabilities.

        2.Vendor's interest

        2.1 Obtain a good authorization certificate to improve the visibility and customer credibility of the online store;

        2.2 The name and link of the authorized online store can be found on the official website;

        2.3 Enjoy online promotion support;

        2.4 We can obtain clear product pictures provided by our company, detailed information introduction of products, and description information of selling points to better display products.

        3.Vendor's obligations

        3.1 Since the first order, the seller has recommended the first focus of the shop and the other non-good product pages in the store for not less than three months, and formed a good sales atmosphere in the store;

        3.2 Strictly abide by our price system and price policy;

        3.3 Without permission, the online seller may not divert our product pictures, descriptions and other relevant brand information for other purposes, and once found, will cancel the sales qualification according to the terms of the contract;

        3.4 The seller has no subordinate distribution rights.

        4.Channel sales contact

        Mobile phone: 13554821229(HowShow)

        Offline agent terms

        To: Good to write agents, distributors and new partners

        Hello everyone! Thank you for your support and love for good writing products. Now we are in line with the needs of the market and our customers. Our company will further explain the agent and distribution of good products as follows:

        一、steps to join

        The company or individual applying for the agency may provide the following information to our company by email, post or fax during the investment promotion period:

        1. A copy of the company's business license (with official seal) or a copy of the business license of the individual store business department;

        2. Legal representative's ID card (copy) and legal representative's ID card (copy);

        3. Company introduction, basic information document; Our company will contact the applicant within 7 working days after receiving the above information, and send the commissioner to discuss the specific cooperation matters with the applicant.

        二、Agent condition:

        1. a store or a registered company that operates in a physical store in the local area;

        2. Familiar with the local stationery market, the gift market has a good business reputation, a sound sales channel, a professional marketing team, and a dedicated person responsible for the promotion of sales of products;

        3. Recognize the written operation mode and marketing concept, recognize the good writing culture and cooperation value; promote good writing as one of the company's flagship products;

        三、Agency preferential policy:

        1. Exclusive distribution within the designated area, fully occupying the market interests of the region;

        2. Priority can be given to the right to sell new products in the future;

        3. Agents at all levels enjoy the corresponding rebate policy according to the corresponding actual sales volume;

        4. If the quarterly indicator is over-achieved, enjoy the quarterly rebate reward;

        5. If the annual indicator is over-achieved, enjoy the annual rebate reward;

        四、Image store policy support:

        1、Sponsored by the door, image wall and booth, sponsored monthly by sales volume;

        2、To give advertising sponsorship, we must provide DV information in the field to be sent to our company for review. After approval, we will reimburse the instalment expenses with the degree of advertising; “Not for the straw, I hope that the carbon heat will last for a long time”, I hope we can cooperate, except Focus on short-term economic benefits and pay more attention to each other's growth potential.

        Contact us

        1st Sales Dpt

        Add: 2 layers, B building, Howshow Science and Technology Park, Tongda Road, Baoan Avenue, Baoan District, Shenzhen


        Business Consulting:13554821229(HowShow)

        R & D base

        Add: 4/F, Zhihai Industrial Park, First Industrial Zone Fumin Road, Baihua Community, Guangming District, Shenzhen

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